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Original Lea Stein Geometric brooch with circle centre

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An original 1970s Lea Stein geometric brooch. Mainly red on the front with layers of other colours, with green and then yellow on the back. 

As it is an early piece from the 70s the sticking of the metal pin on the back is more raw and naive with the melting of the plastic to set the pin. These days it is done more neatly. 

It measures 5.9cm wide by 1.6cm wide. 

Made from laminated cellulose acetate, hand rolled to a slim, curved layer. Signed Lea Stein Paris on the metal pin on the back. Lea and her husband Ferdinand began their plastics creations in the 1960s being the first to mix more than 2 colours as had been the limit with Bakelite. 

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