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Vintage Trifari Necklace with ruby emerald sapphire glass stones gold

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A stunning vintage necklace by Trifari. Gold plated and set with vintage glass stones emulating ruby, sapphire and emeralds.

You can see by the many photos that I have taken what a versatile necklace this is, complimenting many different colour outfits in different styles. Making it quite a universal go to necklace with many opportunities to wear. Match it towards the ruby pink, emerald green or sapphire blues of the necklace stones. A stylish design without being too showy, catching attention without demanding it. and a rare vintage piece that no one else will have. A unique addition to your collection.

Designer Notes: Trifari

Since the 1920s Italian American designers Trifari produced some of the highest quality, exquisite jewellery designs. Popular in the 1930s with Hollywood producers and actors alike. Particularly famous for chief designer Alfred Philippe, till 1968, who, with previous experience with Van Cleef and Arpels, brought high craftsmanship and technique to the company. With pieces which can easily be mistaken for fine jewelry, it’s easy to see why so many are held precious in collectors jewelry cabinets.

It measures 16-19 inches around the neck. The centre piece measures 5cm wise by 3.3cm high.

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